Artificial Joint Surgical Robot

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CUVIS-joint Surgical System

CUVIS-joint is a cutting-edge surgical robot system that improves the completion of artificial joint surgery with optimal surgical planning and precise cutting.

With Optimal tracking sensors and self-developed surgical planning CUVIS-joint helps patients that are in need of artificial knee surgery.

CUVISis a compound word of CUREand the Latin word VIS.
Showing the will of CUREXO to strongly move forward and cure in the medical robotic field.

Product Composition

1. Surgical plan

Only the bone parts are excerpted in the CT image and is showed in 3D which makes the preoperative bone state of patients making accurate pre-planning possible.

  • <CT images of patients>

  • <Surgical Planning Setup>

2. Various cutting options

Measured resection method where doctors would proceed as pre-planned and after the bone cutting is finalized, checking the Gap check for the soft tissue balance.
The modified resection method checks the soft tissue balance during surgery, micro-adjusting the implant’s location, then correcting the surgical plan and proceeding with the cutting of the bone.

<Select Resection Strategy>

3. Gap check & Intra-Op surgical planning change

Gap check is made to determine the direction of the operation and to confirm the results of the procedure.
After Gap Check, the surgical plan can be changed according to a doctor’s decision.

  • <Gap confirmation screen>

4. Real-time system monitoring & Restoration

  • <Bone Movement Monitoring(BMM)>

  • <Robot Marker Restoration>

Prodct specification

Product name CUVIS-joint
Model CUVIS-joint
Item Orthopaedic Surgical Robot System (Class 1)
Size & Weight Robotic Arm : 629(W) x 1641(L) x 1996(H) (mm), 250kg
Main Console : 1200(W) x 728(L) x 2100(H) (mm), 75kg