Gait Rehabilitation Robot

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Morning Walk S200 is

a gait rehabilitation robot developed for a fast recovery for patients with walking disabilities.
It is the ‘End-effector type gait rehabilitation robot system’ with the seating-type body weight support system which minimized the inconvenience of the conventional robot-assisted orthopedic exercise equipment.

Morning Walk is
meant as a compound of Morning + Walk
and contains the heart to present you with a healthy morning walk.

Why Morning Walk is good?

Morning Walk minimizes the time to prep the patient and prepare treatment with the unique saddle-type body weight support system enabling the training to start within 5 minutes.


  • A fast recovery by the robotic focused treatment.
  • No need for additional time for treatment preparations, and convenience with minimized gear
  • Safer and more convenient treatment with seating-type body weight support system
  • With the divided foot-plates patients can set a separate walking pattern, providing patients with a practical and gradual therapy session.
  • VR software increases interests in rehabilitation

Medical Personnel

  • Quantification of treatment and result data for easy patient management
  • Complex treatment protocol designing with free gait pattern setting including cadence, step length, and step angle and various gait motions such as flatland and stairs
  • Increased focus on patient treatment with the simple system
  • Rehabilitation training for patients from all age groups from children to adults