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CUVIS-spine is a Spine Surgical Robot system that guides the pedicle screw precisely as planned.

Product Composition

1Force Navigation

In order to prevents surgical instruments from skiving by showing the force amount and direct it helps practitioners to preform a more accurate surgery.

2C-arm Planning

With Curexo’s self-developed technology only 2 slices are needed for planning which highly lowers patients and practitioners radiation exposure.

3O-arm Planning

CUVIS-spine provides an intuitive and accurate interface for users when using O – a r m.


CUVIS-spine reduces the surgical procedure enhancing the convenience of the user while highly reducing the radiation exposure helping both patients and practitioners.
Monitoring and tracking patients movement in real-time provides a more safer and accurate surgery.

  • Simple and fast procedure

    • Simple and Easy 4 step procedure (Setup> Scan> Planning> Navigation)
    • Only need two(2) slices of C-arm image to proceed with surgery. (No True image needed)
    • Shorten time and reduce surgical procedure with CUVIS One-step surgical instruments.
    • Simple touch will compensate target site.
  • Highly Accurate

    • OTS(Optical Tracking System) provides accurate information to users (Patients, Surgical Instrument and Screw)
    • Showing the Lateral Force will help predict and prevent skiving.
  • Flexible

    • Both Open & Percutaneous(MIS) surgery possible
    • Both C-arm & O-arm applicable.
    • Simple and Flexible Workflow

Prodct specification

Product name CUVIS-spine
Model CUVIS-spine
Item Pedicle Screw Guide System (Class 2)
Size & Weight Robotic Arm : 1602(H) x 648.5(W) x 1072(D) (mm), 279.4kg
Main Console : 2340 (operation pose), 2040 (parking pose)(H) x 650(W) x 728(D) (mm), 77.6kg
Robotic Arm : 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Main Console : 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Robotic Arm : 1500 VA
Main Console : 280 VA