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Activation of CUREXO “CUVIS-joint,” an artificial joint surgical robot, at Korean medical sites

  • Writer : 관리자
  • Date : 2020-09-07
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First supply to Chung-Ang University Hospital in Korea following advancement abroad such as India

“CUVIS-joint,” an artificial joint surgical robot, from CUREXO (060280), a medical robot company, will take its first step into a medical site in Korea.

CUREXO has stated that Chung-Ang University Hospital will be the first in Korea to be supplied with CUVIS-joints through a demonstration project organized by the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement.

After obtaining a manufacturing license in Korea for CUVIS-joint from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, CUREXO signed a large-scale, long-term supply contract with the Indian implant company "Meril Healthcare" in June. Since then, CUVIS-joints have been used in carrying out demonstration tests together with several domestic medical institutions. Out of them, Chung-Ang University Hospital became the first to be supplied with the robot.

According to CUREXO, the artificial joint surgical robot "CUVIS-joint" is a completely automatic surgical robot system that cuts bones for artificial joints to be inserted more accurately. Based on CT images, patient-based preoperative plans can be established, allowing cutting bones more accurately and safely. Its feature is the ease of use, reducing fatigue for surgeons.

The artificial joint surgical robot, CUVIS-joint, exclusively developed by CUREXO, is now performing in Korean medical institutions beginning with the first supply at Chung-Ang University Hospital.

In particular, bones cannot regenerate once cut off, so preserving bones as much as possible by minimizing the cutting area is vital. CUVIS-joints can preserve healthy bones as much as possible through accurate diagnosis, patient-based preoperative plans, and precise cutting.

There are many benefits to patients as well. Correcting the alignment of the leg axis with accurate surgery lessens pain and provides a shorter recovery period than traditional surgery, which can significantly reduce the possibility of side effects and reoperation.

"We will do our best to inform the excellence of CUVIS-joints and supply them to various hospitals in Korea, starting with Chung-Ang University Hospital. Also, we expect sales and profitability to improve from the third quarter of the year, through the promotion of additional overseas launching including India, following the successful contract on major medical robots from July," CEO Jae-jun Lee from CUREXO commented.

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